Writing, in some form or another, has been a life-long passion for me.

As a child, it was magazine articles on imaginary girl bands and comics based on my favourite toys' inner lives. As a teen, I progressed to songwriting, poems, and the occasional novel.

I've been writing short stories, flash and creative non-fiction for the last five years, seeking inspiration from my surroundings and in the works of writers including Carmen Maria Machado, Haruki Murakami, Sarah Moss and Samanta Schweblin.

My writing has been published in print and online by Dear Damsels and others. You can find linked snippets below.

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‘Humans are like molecules and atoms,’ I shout over the deep crescendo of cheers which, as the ball on the screen moves closer to enemy lines, may finally reach its climax.

First published by Dear Damsels

The Word I Use

I don't have a name. At least not one I know. Name: something you were given when you were young. They see that I don't understand. 'A word,' she says, crossing her hands on her chest. 'A word you use, for you.'

First published by Shooter

You Find Me

I’m lying in bed with my sister, our father wedged in between us. He’s just uttered the words I’d somehow known were inevitable, but which still render me speechless: “You’re going back to school here.”

First published by Dear Damsels

City Girl

You’ve lived in the city for most of your life. You have a borderline-irrational fear of missing trains; you wish you were more supportive of your local library.

First published by Dear Damsels


We wake to the sound of lovemaking.


Primal voices through the wall, hungry; calling out for each other, splitting from the bodies they belong to.

First published by Dear Damsels

Those Days

The old me lives in a box under the bed. She’s made up of notes tied together with string: folded sheets passed from one school desk to the next, the glittery gel ink having long since lost its novelty scent.

First published by Dear Damsels

Garden Leave

I told you over breakfast. I listened to the sound of you stirring a teaspoon of sugar into warm milk, the clang of metal against china.

First published by Dear Damsels


They say she could leave a man lifeless, suck him dry of essence.

That a man might be out in the woods, working or walking, minding his own either way, and he would fall prey to her.

First published by Corvid Queen


When I think of the first time we came here, I think of the smell of fried doughnuts, and the sugar on your lips. The sun had brought the freckles out across your collarbone and had turned the back of my neck a fire red.

First published by Dear Damsels