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Svampplockning För Främlingar

tr. Anna-Karin Palm

Balder, 2022

Tools For Surviving A Storm

Dear Damsels, 2021

Nothing Feels The Way I Thought It Would

From Fifty Yards Out From Firm Ground

Comma Press, 2021


Dear Damsels, 2020

Garden Leave

Dear Damsels, 2019

A Hot Shower Shared Between Two

Dear Damsels Annual, 2019

The Word I Use

Shooter, 2017


Corvid Queen, 2017


Dear Damsels, 2017


A Recipe For Nourishing Roots

Middleground, 2022

Beyond Burnout: My Escape To Sweden

Lacuna Voices, 2021

A Recipe For Starting Again

Dear Damsels, 2021

City Girl

Dear Damsels, 2020

You Find Me

Dear Damsels, 2018

Those Days

Dear Damsels Annual, 2017/18

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