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I’m a London-born writer based in rural Sweden. My interests are multi-disciplinary, spanning both fiction and non-fiction, but my first love is short stories. In 2021, my debut short story collection, Tools For Surviving A Storm, was published by independent publishing platform, Dear Damsels. My short fiction explores themes such as nature, fear and memory, and has been longlisted by the Cambridge Short Story Prize and Commonwealth Short Story Prize. I write a monthly newsletter, Home Comforts, that examines the different ways we look for, and find, home.


Professionally, I write engaging copy and content for brands and organisations across industries as diverse as skincare and carbon removal. I'm passionate about collaborating with companies who care about both people and the planet, and am excited to work with clients who share these values.

Who I Am

Tools For Surviving A Storm

A debilitating fear of foxgloves fuels a mother’s obsessions, while a young girl discovers monsters on her morning swim. Strangers on a mushroom-picking excursion find comfort in searching for chanterelles, and tremors in the southern hemisphere bring about seismic shifts in a relationship. A woman stranded by a blizzard longs for a different reality, and – mourning the sudden death of her husband – a widow refuses to leave her home on the eroding coast as a storm

blows in…


Journeying from Sweden’s ancient woods to the floodplains of the American South, the women in these stories navigate loneliness, loss and what it means to be alive in an ever-changing world.

You can order Tools For Surviving A Storm here.

Praise for Tools For Surviving A Storm

‘I can't begin to describe the beauty and depth of these stories. This whole collection transports you into nature, into the hearts and fears and minds of each and every character, into the earth.’

Jess Glaisher, author of Dear Lina

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