Nadia Henderson

writer and proofreader

I'm a London-born writer of short stories and creative non-fiction based in rural North Sweden, where I happily live up to the coffee-sipping, cat-stroking stereotype.

My writing focuses primarily on nature, our connection to the natural world and how it shapes our identities and motivations. I also tend towards the strange, and my stories often feature a good dose of folklore and magical realism.

I studied English with Creative Writing at undergraduate level, and have since completed several Write Like A Grrrl courses, including Write Nature Like A Grrrl in 2021. I also attended a Comma Press Short Story Course in 2021.

Tools For Surviving A Storm, my debut collection of short stories, was published by Dear Damsels on December 3rd 2021 and is available to purchase now.


Tools For Surviving A Storm

eleven tales of nature, love and fear, published by Dear Damsels

My debut short story collection, Tools For Surviving A Storm, is now available! Described as a 'transporting, original collection' that 'examines the lines between nature and the human world,' the stories explore what it means to be alive in our ever-changing world.

Available to purchase exclusively via Dear Damsels. Cover illustration by Elise Bateman (@ellbstudio).

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Home Comforts

a newsletter about the comforts and discomforts that make home, home

My monthly newsletter explores the different ways we look for, and find, home; from the small steps we take to settle in somewhere new to the big strides that help us find our place in the world. From the material objects we shelter in to the homes we look for in others, I write about the comforts - and discomforts - that make home, home.


The Sweden Years

a nature-writing blog about my life and experiences as a British immigrant in Sweden

In March 2020, I moved with my husband and our cat from South London to a tiny village in rural north Sweden. It has been a long-held dream of mine to live a simpler life, closer to nature and with more time and space to write.


Moving somewhere new is, of course, not without its challenges and unexpected learnings. The Sweden Years is my attempt to record those, as well as to capture the beautiful magic of my chosen home.


Latest News

December 2021

Tools For Surviving A Storm is now available to be purchased exclusively via Dear Damsels.

September 2021

The cover of my short story collection, Tools For Surviving A Storm, is revealed, and you can now pre-order the collection exclusively via Dear Damsels.

August 2021

My short story, The Creek House, is longlisted for the Cambridge Short Story Prize. The story will be included in my upcoming collection, Tools For Surviving A Storm, to be published by Dear Damsels later this year.

June 2021


Dear Damsels announce that they will be publishing my debut short story collection in late 2021.


April 2021


My short story, Twelve Grapes, is selected among 200 entries longlisted from 6,423 for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize.


My short story, Nothing Feels The Way I Thought It Would, has been published in Fifty Yards Out From Firm Ground, an anthology of short stories by new writers put out by Comma Press.


Published Work


Svampplockning för främlingar, Balder, 2022

Tools For Surviving A Storm, Dear Damsels, 2021 (purchase here)

Nothing Feels The Way I Thought It Would, Fifty Yards Out From Firm Ground, Comma Press, 2021 (purchase the ebook here)

Relativity, Dear Damsels, 2020 (read here)

Garden Leave, Dear Damsels, 2019 (read here)

A Hot Shower Shared Between Two, Dear Damsels Annual, 2019 (read here)

The Word I Use, Shooter, 2017

Huldra, Corvid Queen, 2017 (read here)

Eros, Dear Damsels, 2017 (read here)

Creative non-fiction

A Recipe For Nourishing Roots, Middleground, 2022 (read here)

A Recipe For Starting Again, Dear Damsels, 2021 (read here)

City Girl, Dear Damsels, 2020 (read here)

You Find Me, Dear Damsels, 2018 (read here)

Those Days, Dear Damsels Annual 2017/18 (read here)


Beyond Burnout: My Escape to Sweden, Lacuna Voices, 2021 (read here)


Work With Me

I have over two years' writing, content creation and proofreading experience. In previous roles, I have worked on blog posts, website and packaging copy, travel brochures, print catalogues, video scripts, newsletters and more.

I'm currently looking for freelance writing and proofreading opportunities--feel free to contact me if you have a project you'd like us to work on together!

More details on my professional experience can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

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Contact Me

Got a creative project you'd like to discuss with me, or want to hear more about how we could work together? Feel free to send me an email at